Victor Caravan & Boat Storage

Victor Caravan & Boat Storage The purpose of this project was to build a secure, user-friendly facility for caravans and boats. During the planning phase, three types of storage were identified; open air, undercover and lock-up garages. Shed Boss designed and built the sheds to accommodate the design requirements and provided the best solution for […]

K9 Day Care Victor Harbor

K9 Day Care Victor Harbor Designed and built specifically for comfort and convenience, owners of Victor Harbor's K9 Day Care chose Shed Boss for their professionalism, expert advice and commitment to deliver the best solution for this business. This 18Lx16Wx3.6H insulated and climate controlled shed has separate areas for little and larger dogs, with plenty […]

3 ways that primary schools could use sheds

The schools system in Australia just keeps on growing. As of 2015, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that the number of students enrolled for education went up by 56,872 on the year before. That brought the total number of kids in schools to a whopping 3.75 million. Of these, 65.2 per cent go to […]

How to turn your shed into a pop-up salon

In these modern times, pop-up businesses continue to prove that they are far more than a fad. Whether you're wandering through a side street in Sydney or a back alley in Brisbane, pop-up stores are thriving, selling a whole range of different goods or services. And just what are such stores made from? Steel, just like […]

Why park your large industrial vehicle indoors? (VIDEO)

If you run a business that involves the use of vehicles, such as a construction firm, plumbing enterprise or anything else that requires four wheels and an engine, you'll understand how vital your automobiles are to your organisation's continued success. Commercial vehicles, whether you own just a single work van or a fleet of diggers, are a […]

Seeing is believing: Impress your customers with a retail showroom

No matter how wonderfully your products are photographed and uploaded to your business website, nothing beats showing customers the quality and scale of your products in person. A wide range of businesses can benefit from commercial sheds used as a showroom on their lot, so that when customers come by all you have to do […]

Why one of our commercial sheds is perfect as an office space

In the year from June 2013 to 2014, the number of Australian businesses steadily increased. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has found that business entry rates went up while exit rates decreased. The majority of these businesses have four employees or less, so instead of hiring out an expensive office space, why not look at building […]

How fleet managers can benefit from ShedSafe™ garages

As businesses aim to optimise their operational productivity, more and more are turning to fleet management. This allows them to keep track of all the cars, trucks and vehicles used for business purposes, such as delivering products to consumers or exporting goods inter-state. A recent report from TechNavio found that fleet management is set to become […]

Do you run a business from home?

If you answered yes to this question, you are among nearly a million Australians who run a home business, according to the Department of Industry and Science (DIS). Why not conduct your business out of a custom designed workshop, garage or residential shed? Doing so can help provide a more professional space for clients to visit your […]

The power of a shared commercial shed

As the price of real estate in capital cities across Australia continues to rise, more and more people are seeking affordable property. Just to highlight this – the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that across 2014, home prices in capital cities in Australia rose by 6.8 per cent on average! One option that remains available […]