Roller Door Options

Why stop at a shed when it comes to inspired integration? Roller doors should also be a considered part of your master plan.

Our range of roller doors are specifically made for Australian conditions from durable COLORBOND® steel. With effortless operation with minimal noise and friction, the specifically designed reinforced bottom rail protects your shed, garage, or barn against intruders.

The standard roller door is 2.75m wide (over 9 feet), giving easy, drive-in access for even the largest 4WD vehicle. Of course, we will fit a remote control system (with 2 hand-sets) if you require.

Roller doors come in a range of heights and widths.  In fact, the largest we can offer is up to 5 metres both high and wide – perfect for those larger farm vehicles that you want to store safely and securely out of Australia's weather.

Lastly, we know security is an issue for shed lovers across the country, so we take it very seriously. As such, all of our doors have a reinforced bottom rail to help stop intruders from getting in.